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What does a session with Jennifer look like?

Individualized - Personal - Supportive - Integral 

What is D-Codes?

D-codes is a Quantum Healing modality that combines and considers the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic ways in which we are currently operating. By using my intuition, awareness, integrity, and my knowledge of the body, as well as certain skills and techniques to bridge these connections together; we can find rooted/anchored emotions/patterns/beliefs and more that are causing unwanted symptoms in the body and outcomes in your life. We need the body, mind and soul to all heal together. We need to look at the entire picture to know what to clear, heal and then reset to help you with your process. 

I am a nurturer at heart, and a gentle "nudger" by nature. I speak discerned and integral truths to be helpful. In a session with me people feel safe, heard, and validated to go to the depths of their situations, souls, emotions, etc., to do the necessary "work". We explore your emotions, body responses, mental thoughts, beliefs about yourself and others, bringing to the surface the next layer of your healing that is ready to be uncovered/integrated/acknowledged/released.

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Taking care of YOU

A lot can be done in a single 1.5 hour session, however depending on your needs at the time, I also offer a 4- week package called "Taking care of YOU". The package consists of a 1.5 hour session, 3- 30 minute follow up sessions, AND unlimited access to contact me via text/Facebook messenger for quick accountability checks, questions, and/or concerns. . It is designed for those of you who are looking to uproot deep rooted patterns, habits, and behaviours from your lives, and feel you will need a little extra support along the way!

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