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Meet Jennifer

A little about me

I am beyond happy to be here, offering my talents, knowing and services with you. I have spent the past 9 years building my knowledge through multiple courses, healing modalities and personal life experiences of all kinds.


I have overcome and healed many relationship pains and hurdles, and personal extreme fatigue, and chronic pain that my body experienced for 9 years. I have been the kind of person who takes the information I learn, apply it to my own life first, put it to the test and see how it works for myself before I recommend or share it with others. While this tendency and approach that I was using has served me well, I also realized that I was developing a new tendency to keep seeking more before sharing what I already knew. I then noticed that there was a hindering fear developing of not feeling like I will ever know enough to help others and show up in my mission while using that approach. I have moved through that fear, brought forward all of the lessons from it, and no longer allow it to control whether or not I am going to show up and share as I am NOW. I have decided that I am here ready to share my knowing, keep learning, growing, evolving and sharing AS I go. 

I am married to my high school love and we have two beautiful, high energy, generous, spirited daughters. We started our family young which brought many rewards, challenges, and everything in between. We have grown, evolved and overcome all of the seasons of life so far. Navigating life with the same person for 16 years, raising a family, building a career, renovating houses, moving cities/provinces multiple times, educating yourself, evolving as an individual, woman, mother, wife, partner, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, etc., I have been able to learn so much from my failures, mistakes, challenges, achievements and successes. 

Here is "some" of what I have learned so far:

~Emotions are meant to be felt and moved. When you get on the other side of the discomfort of what emotions bring up for you, you can achieve new and more experiences. 


~We are all unique, have something special, and specific that we share with one another. We require different foods, knowledge, healing, nurturing, way of living at different times in our lives. There is not a one size fits all recipe for any of it. 

~No one is replaceable: all paths lead home. 

~Other people's actions/opinions/decisions are not a reflection of WHO you are, and you are not responsible or accountable to them. When these experiences trigger something in us, we can use it as an opportunity to see what underlies inside of ourselves, that is creating these uncomfortable responses and outcomes. 

~Self-accountability, awareness, and willingness is a requirement for any change to occur. 

~Integral support can be a safe place to show up as you are, with everything you currently believe, and know or feel to be true- while not receiving judgment, ridicule, shame, or punishment. This type of support and guidance can hold space for you, and create a safe container to safely express yourself and your current state, while holding you accountable to your integrity as you navigate through what you are experiencing. 


What is integrity? To me it is being true to who you innately are; Your nature, while participating in the universal integral collective of being.

My "Why"

Like mentioned above, my body use to suffer with the feeling of chronic pain. Monthly migraines, TMJ pain, extreme fatigue, and fibromyalgia type aches and pains. I went to different doctors, dentists, specialists, acupuncture, chiropractor, naturopathic doctors, reiki, etc. I took my Holistic Nutrition program back in 2015 hoping it would be my answer to WHY my body was experiencing these symptoms. I eventually discovered it was not my answer. Although it provided my body with great nourishment from wholesome, natural, live foods, and amazing education; something for me was still missing. I knew this because my symptoms were still there. I did start feeling new things in my body that gave me temporary relief, like slight energy level changes, slight mood shifts, subtle pain relief; but NONE of it was sustaining. For ME, the answer to my "why" was all of the emotional, and mental stress harbouring in my body, creating repetitive hormonal release/inhibiting cycles, hyperactivity in my pain response receptors, etc.,  that kept my body in a state of fight, flight, freeze- out of habit! I was in constant emotional pain, and mental stress and this was creating a physical expression in my body. With my nutrition knowledge PLUS the tools I have obtained through D-Codes to release and address emotions from the body, reprogram my thoughts and beliefs to align with who I truly am, what my nature is, and what my mission is, I was able to wipe out self-sabotaging behaviours in myself, and many relationships; I have been able to support, teach, and nurture my whole body (emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically) to feel better and operate in a way that flows and moves with ease.

I would love to help you navigate through your challenges, and help you uncover root problems; to find your answers and get you on your path to feeling better!

Using your nature to nurture your whole being.

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