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When we know better, we can do better, which leads to feeling and being better.

Online healing sessions & coaching with Jennifer 

Meet Jennifer

Certified Healer & Holistic Nutritional consultant

Are you feeling blocked, stuck, or feeling like you do not know how to move forward with a decision?


Do you find yourself saying to yourself or others, "I don't know who I am"? And/or "I don't know what I want, or what to do"?


Do you struggle in relationships or have a dynamic in relationships that you want to change?


Do you feel limited or restricted by others, behaviours, your current options, and/or beliefs?


Do you have chronic pain or symptoms that you can NOT seem to find answers to the cause so you can find the solution?

I HEAR you. I have faced, and overcome the above, and I would love to share, guide,support, and join you on your journey to uncovering your answers.


With my Holistic Nutrition (R.H.N.C) background,

Intuitive Healing Modalities/tools, D-Codes level 1, emotional release techniques, and innate knowing through my intuition; I want to support you as you navigate through your current situation to help you find your next "right" step for YOU. 

My passion is to raise awareness, share my knowledge, share my un-filtered experience, seek and speak truths, find win-wins in every situation (and if you can't find them- I like to create them), problem-solve, and forever expand on my own evolution.

My mission is to support you on your self healing journey in a holistic way. By considering each individuals divine uniqueness and the collective objective, I consider and help you address your multidimensional (Mind, Body, Emotional, Spiritual) needs. By observing the body, listening to the mind, assessing the emotions, and breaking down patterns- we can get to the root problem.

The motto I keep in my back pocket is "when we know better, we can do better". Getting to the root problem, we can unwind and alleviate the undesirable symptoms associated to it, and start building new habits, learning new tools, incorporating new ways to "do better", so that we can FEEL and BE better.

"Be the change that you want to see. Together, let's welcome back the parts of you that you've longed for. That are just waiting to be seen, known and nurtured."
           - Your Nature


What I Specialize In

Helping you find your inner compass

Breaking down old patterns/beliefs, and helping you create new ones

Navigating complicated relationships and life situations

Helping you re-design/re-build your life, and/or relationships of all kinds

Personalized nutritional support and guidance


Learning to see what else is possible, in a time of feeling the "impossible" . 

Jennifer was so amazing to talk with. She helped me with some unresolved guilt and feelings that I had buried deep. The session turned very emotional but it was really needed. Thanks Jennifer!

- Bobilee A.

Jenn was very intuitive right from the beginning- it takes me a bit to open up. I received more awareness and clarity from my session with Jenn than I have in any session I have done with coaching, or healing work. She was able to very gracefully read and pull from me what was there and needing healing. She works from a very centred place that is not rehearsed or text book, Beautiful.

- Leanne P.

I came to Jennifer because I was struggling with my relationship with food. During our session we talked about where it could have come from, how I am feeling about it and why I was feeling this way. I had some major breakthroughs and was able to start peeling back the layers of this issue that has caused me a lot of grief over the years. For me it was realizing I don't have to believe the things I was telling myself for so many years. I can create my happiness and skill building without old beliefs stopping me. Jennifer was able to locate the energetic chord in my body and when it was released I felt IMMEDIATE relief. My after state was bliss. I felt great. Like I can challenge myself to learn something new. I loved that Jennifer gave me tips, advice and guided me into a plan of action to move forward that was very realistic. I really can't say enough good things about how talented this woman is! She is so kind, and so graceful with the flow of her sessions. I was so happy I left ours with guidance and ready to take action on my next steps. I also loved that she mentioned I was able to send her messages to get advice on recipes and future supplements to aid my body after my chord was removed. I'm really so grateful that I was able to have this session and I look forward to more in the future! Thanks so much girl.

- Sammy 

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